Robotics & AI Course: Introduction

  1. Waterfall is a guided, in-depth program for everyone interested in studying systematically issues upon which Objectivism has something distinctive and important to say.

  2. Four-to-six mini-courses per year are scheduled on perennial and contemporary themes—Money, Socialism, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, Slavery, Objectivity, Envy, Capitalism, Individual Rights, Egoism versus Altruism, and more.

  3. Each course includes content ranging from memes, videos, podcasts, texts by Ayn Rand, curated intellectual and scholarly texts by Objectivist and other thinkers from a variety of perspectives.  

  4. Executive Summaries written by Senior Scholar Stephen Hicks and Lead Research Associate Andrei Volkov are provided for the longer items to give busy people an essentialized overview and/or to highlight the key themes for those who will pursue the in-depth reading. 

  5. This course: Robotics & AI. Examine the varying practical applications of new robotized technology and the consequences it may bring to our everyday lives, as well as the theoretical foundations for the idea of artificial intelligence. Discover key texts and movie recommendations. 

  6. Authors included in the course are: Peter Diamandis, Steven Pinker, John Tamny, Stephen Hicks, Ronald Bailey, Amitai Etzioni, Oren Etzioni, and others. 

  7. Links to additional recommended items are provided for those wanting further study.

  8. Anyone can pursue the Waterfall courses in self-guided fashion or by joining an informal online seminar with others interested in Objectivism. The seminar is led by Vickie Oddino, Ph.D. To participate in the seminar, enroll today as an Atlas Intellectual.


Course Outline

Will Robots Destroy Our Jobs?

Can Algorithms Run Politics Better than Humans?

Pros and Cons of Autonomous Weapons Systems

Sex Robots: Why Not?