Objectivity Course: Introduction

  1. Waterfall is a guided, in-depth program for everyone interested in studying systematically issues upon which Objectivism has something distinctive and important to say.

  2. Four-to-six mini-courses per year are scheduled on perennial and contemporary themes—Money, Socialism, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, Slavery and Reparations, Objectivity, Envy, Capitalism, Individual Rights, Egoism versus Altruism, and more.

  3. Each course includes content ranging from memes, videos, podcasts, texts by Ayn Rand, curated intellectual and scholarly texts by Objectivist and other thinkers from a variety of perspectives.  

  4. Executive Summaries written by Senior Scholar Stephen Hicks, Researcher Andrei Volkov, and others are provided for the longer items to give busy people an essentialized overview and/or to highlight the key themes for those who will pursue the in-depth reading. 

  5. This course: Objectivity. Examine the essential role of objectivity in cognition, education, journalism, science, law, and ethics—as well as explore views critical of objectivity.

  6. Authors included in the course are: Ayn Rand, Thomas Kuhn, David Harriman, Tara Smith, David Kelley, Stephen Hicks, Stanley Fish, John Stuart Mill, Gregory Salmieri, and Jennifer Grossmann. 

  7. A meme series—some advocating the Objectivist view, some complementary to it, and some hostile to it—is also available with serious, humorous, and adversarial content. 

  8. Links to additional recommended items are provided for those wanting further study.

  9. Anyone can follow the Waterfall courses in self-guided fashion or by joining an informal online seminar with others interested in Objectivism. The seminar is led by Marilyn Moore, Ph.D. To participate in the seminar, enroll today as an Atlas Intellectual.


Course Outline

Week 1

What is Reason? What is Objectivity?

Week 2

Objectivity and Ethics

Week 3

Objectivity and Science

Week 4

Objectivity and Education

Week 5

Objectivity and Law

Week 6

Objectivity and Journalism